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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

What is Commercial Insurance?

If you’re a Louisiana business owner or work in Louisiana, then you should definitely know about commercial insurance. Since there are so many types of insurance and insurance options and insurance coverage options, it can be hard to keep up with all the types of insurance policies that are offered. We here at 318 Insurance don’t want you to feel stressed out or intimidated by things like commercial insurance. We want you to feel good when you see terms like that, especially if you own a business as commercial insurance is designed to help protect you and your business. Read on to learn more about commercial insurance and how it can protect your business.

Commercial Insurance Basics

What commercial insurance does, in a nutshell, is protects your business from potential risks. These kinds of risks are a bit broader than small-level property damage to the physical location of your business. The kinds of risk from which commercial insurance provides a shield are risks like employees becoming injured, delivery vehicles being broken down, or anything else that can impede the progress or reputation of your business. Read on to know what types of commercial insurance policies there are.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance:

Commercial auto insurance is ideal for businesses that rely on vehicles to conduct their business or make deliveries. Commercial auto insurance provides protection in case one of these vehicles breaks down or has mechanical issues.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

This one is crucial for business owners who have employees. This type of insurance protects you from a lawsuit in the case that an employee is injured while working. This type of insurance provides assistance to cover medical costs for injured employees and covers them for paid time off while they may be recovering.

Cyber Liability Insurance:

This one can be easy to overlook but is growing to be more important than ever. If your digital information ever became compromised. This insurance provides backup protection if any information is lost or stolen.

Why is this Important?

To keep a Louisiana business running, you have to be protected from anything that can halt or slow down your business. Commercial insurance protects your business and employees from suffering the consequences of common business risks. Let 318 Insurance walk you through your commercial insurance options, so you never have to go through the process alone.